The Nordic Design Studio is a jewellery and home deco brand inspired by wild nature and minimalist design. The Nordic Porcelain is dedicated to creating limited edition porcelain jewellery and tableware. In addition, the Nordic Design Studio offers a range of accessories and home deco products. A pair of whooping common cranes symbolises a harmony and beauty of lifestyle close to nature.   


Timeless minimalist lines. Functionality. Monochromatic colours.


Ever since first working with the material I knew that porcelain is my choice of clay, Although it is the most challenging clay to work with, I like the feel of the material in my hands. I really enjoy the physical interaction with the porcelain.  When designing a piece, I am hugely inspired by the natural world around us. I am a Nordic born and bred. I enjoy walking by the sea and love hiking in the forest. The four seasons are really inspirational - the beauty of bare trees, golden autumn hues or tight snowfall. The Japanese of wabi- sabi has had great influence on my work. I find beauty and peace in the imperfections of life combining my Nordic heritage with Japanese tradition. This is called Japandi. Also, as my monochromatic colours and clean lines are neutral, then the shape steps out of background as the focal point. All pieces are easily integrated into your home because of their minimalist design. Ceramics is always favourite decor pieces in Nordic interiors because they are beautiful and functional. 

Sustainably and ethically produced.
Ceramic is one of the oldest man- made materials around, and consists entirely of naturally-occurring raw materials. Ceramic is 100% recyclable and can be added as ground material to the production process or used in other industries as a valuable raw material. Porcelain is sourced from the earth and when their use is over, they return to the earth. All our glazes are non-toxic and suitable for tableware. Ceramic is more durable than plastic, paper, wood or bamboo. Porcelain is very sustainable. Also, porcelain can withstand quantities of wear and tear, much more than ceramic. 
Designed to share the love with your loved ones.
The relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Love exalts and brings out the best in us. Showing our love and appreciation is something we should do more often whether spending time together or having a lovely dinner. Being in a loving relationship, not matter what kind, can give a person a sense of wellbeing and purpose. Having healthy relationships in your life can have a positive effect on health. Our handcrafted pieces of jewellery and tableware are designed to make memories, last and share the love from the generation to generation.
Simple Living. Close to your heart. Close to nature.
Historically the Nordic people lived in isolated, rural communities. During the long winters, often it was not possible to travel – we learned to use materials that were available. The beautiful simplicity is the reason why Nordic design stands out from other designs. Also, anything that enters the Nordic home is meant to provide emotional comfort, because the Nordic people tend to acquire objects based on pleasure – a mix of old and new items, which gives a feeling of hygge. Hygge is the Danish philosophy of comfort, togetherness and wellbeing. The hours of daylight are at a minimum in the winter, naturally the Nordic design tries to maximise the sunlight – bright white walls reflect the light and the clutter-free space helps more light to flow through your rooms. This gives a feeling of silent elegance.
Home is a sanctuary. Safe and calm. Fill it with care and peace of mind.
As the summertime is short in the Nordic countries, the home becomes the focal point. My work is intended to bring personality and life into your home. The Nordic Design Studio inspires to mix and match various materials in order to create a new display setting or find a centerpiece in the room. Rustic texture of raku firing next to glowing white porcelain brings out the best in both of them. We also suggest to use various ceramics in all ages, tableware and other interior elements, which give the personality and nostalgic memories. Difference of shape and texture brings out a new contrast and adds value to the room design. The Nordic design creates a peaceful and tranquil ambience and brings balance to your body.