Japandi - Japan meets Scandinavia

Japandi is a fusion of Japanese spirit and Scandinavian minimalism aesthitics. Also known as Japanordic combined with the words Japan and Nordic. Both value functionality, clean lines and share a love of simplicity and craftmanship. That is a combination of cozy hygge feeling and wabi-sabi finding beauty in the art of imperfection. This creates a clean and calm ambience. A common point between them is a lifestyle close to nature in the harsh natural environment. The Nordic countries and Japan are partly heavily forested and the winters can be long and dark. Probably that is the reason why people value natural light and wild nature. The start of Japanese minimalism began in the tea ceremony. It was believed that tea was something from nature and everything around it should be natural. Also, there is appreciation of things that are hand made with care and made to last. Japandi interior design creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and brings balance to your body.