Hygge means being aware of a good moment

As the season of hygge is starting, it is due time to write about it. Hygge is a Danish practice of embracing positivity and enjoying the little things in life whether alone or with friends at home or out. This means being aware of a good moment. The concept of hygge has been part of the Nordic countries for centuries. This word comes from the Olde Norse word hugr, which later became hug and means the soul, mind, consciousness. The Dutch word gezelligheid has a similar concept of coziness and comfort. The German word Gemütlichkeit means the state of friendliness and warmth. In Norway, koselig is used to describe a feeling of warmth and togetherness. The Swedish word mysig means a pleasant and warm ambience of togetherness in a pleasant setting. The Japanese word mattari has a similar meaning of a calm and pleasant time together or alone. Just take a long walk, be present or light a candle and have a cup of coffee or tea ♡